On today’s episode of Business Brain, we explore the topic of welcoming and onboarding new employees. We came across a tweet from Harris Fanaroff that provides 16 quick wins for creating a positive onboarding experience. These tips range from welcoming new hires on a Thursday or Friday to make their transition easier, throwing a welcome party, and ensuring someone else greets them to make them feel valued. Although we haven’t implemented these practices in the past, we acknowledge the importance of improving in this area. Join us as we discuss each tip in detail and explore ways to make new employees feel appreciated and valued right from day one.

We dive into the challenge of creating a welcoming onboarding experience for remote employees. Since we can’t physically decorate their workspace like we would in an office, we need to think outside the box. One idea is to send them a welcome packet that includes a personalized card signed by the company’s owners. It could also feature fun items such as streamers, balloons, a hat, or even a crown. Another suggestion is to create a video that greets them and walks them through the onboarding process. To add a personal touch, we could ask all employees to record a quick welcome message that can be incorporated into the video.

To make the onboarding process more interactive, we consider hosting a virtual lunch where everyone orders their own food using an Uber Eats gift card. During this lunch, we can have a Zoom call to chat and introduce the new employee to the team. The key is to be creative and find ways to make them feel valued and welcome, even if they are working from a corner of their bedroom. Another idea is to ship a box filled with surprises to their doorstep, such as balloons that float out when they open it. By employing the right ideas and tapping into our creativity, we can make the remote onboarding experience just as special as in-person onboarding.

During our discussion, we highlight the importance of having gifts and prepared resources for new employees, such as business cards or an already set-up online workspace. Providing lunch for everyone on the new employee’s first day can also make a positive impact. It’s crucial to allocate time before their arrival to ensure everything is ready for them, setting them up for success from the very beginning. Rather than testing them, we aim to provide them with easy wins and demonstrate respect. Assigning a peer as a guide for the first 90 days is an excellent suggestion, as this individual can offer support and guidance on matters the new employee may prefer not to discuss with their manager. Furthermore, celebrating anniversaries and other milestones is a timeless practice that demonstrates appreciation for our employees. Recognizing those who contribute to the company’s progress is vital.

In this episode, we discuss some fantastic strategies that can make businesses stand out. While it may not be possible to implement all of them, they serve as a valuable guide. By treating employees well and cultivating a positive work culture, businesses can become more attractive places to work. Additionally, it’s crucial to make up for any mistakes during the first month by extending some favors to show continued support. We appreciate you tuning in, and please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any thoughts or questions. We value your feedback and want to hear from you about anything on your mind. And remember to visit our sponsors, notion.com/businessbrain and pearldiver.io. Keep living that charmed life, and we’ll be back with more insightful episodes next time.


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