Thanks for coming on the show and being our guest! We’re really looking forward to chatting with you, and we know our audience of small business owners (and beyond!) will appreciate hearing from you.

This may sound obvious, but we need to let you know that, by being on the show, you grant us permission to retransmit your interview to our audience, now and in the future, in any form we can.

Specifically, all guests of Business Brain consent to the audio recording of their statements and grant to DealsOnTheWeb, LLC (“Company”) and Company’s assigns, licensees and successors the right to copy, reproduce, and use all or a portion of the statements (the “Interview”) for incorporation in publications created by the Company.

Guests of the show permit the use of all or a portion of the Interview in all forms and media including advertising and related promotion throughout the world and in perpetuity. Guests grant the right to use their image and name in connection with all uses of the Interview and waive the right to inspect or approve use of their Interview as incorporated in the episode.

By participating in this interview you grant Company the right and permission to copyright and/or use, reuse and/or broadcast and republish audio recordings of you or reproductions thereof made through any media, for any purpose whatsoever, including the use of any printed matter in conjunction therewith and further concede all rights to the produced media for potential future use in advertising, speeches, books, guides, webpages, and all other forms of public distribution without remuneration. Guest hereby waives any right to inspect or approve the finished drawings, photographs, digital media, and/or associated or independent audio recordings, or advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or to the eventual use that it might be applied.

All podcast show guests release Company and Company’s assigns, licensees and successors from any claims that may arise regarding the use of the Interview including any claims of defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of moral rights, rights of publicity or copyright. Guests acknowledge that they have no ownership rights in the interview content. Company is not obligated to utilize the rights granted in this release agreement. Guest has read and understands this agreement and is over the age of 18 at the time of the interview recording. This Agreement expresses the complete understanding of the parties.

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