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With more than 8-years of recording and over 400 episodes of Business Brain, we have a tremendous amount of action-ready content to share with you. Our Small Business Pocket Guides contain real-world advice from other Small Business owners that share their solutions to the same challenges that you face each day in your own business. Bookmark this page and join our community to get an alert each time we release a new Pocket Guide.



After more than 8-years of recording Business Brain each week, we’ve learned a tremendous amount from our guests. These Small Business owners have fought in the trenches and found success by taking risks, making mistakes, iterating, and trying again.

On Business Brain, we think mistakes are tuition. They are the best teachers, with lessons we won’t soon forget, and they are often the foundation of our best practices. This Mistakes Small Business Pocket Guide lets you learn real-world mistakes and how experienced business owners have overcome them.

We really do believe that mistakes are the foundation of successful Small Businesses. If you are ready to learn, our guests are ready to teach. Order your copy of We Love Mistakes to avoid the Trainwrecks our guests have gone through!





Are you considering starting a partnership to create a new business? Do you have an existing partnership that is having problems? Partnerships, the Secrets to Shared Success, is the Small Business Guide you need.

The book is 2nd in a series of Small Business Guides and created by the hosts of the wildly popular Small Business Show Podcast and their guest’s experiences. With decades of real-world partnership success and over 5-years of content created on the show, Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton bring together a depth of advice, warnings, and solutions that all Small Business owners will benefit from.

You will refer to the Partnerships Guide over and over as you start and nurture your successful business partnership. The guide also includes the famous Working Agreement template that will save your ass if things go wrong. Order your copy of Partnerships Can Kill You today!


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