On this episode of the Small Business Show, your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean discuss how to build a reward system for volunteers or interns at your Small Business, managing your time and making connections at events and using a twist on the to-do list to see how your day went.

Dave returns from SXSW with stories and tips on connecting with people by creating your own serendipity and going out of your way to meet people, even if it’s just for a brief moment. We discuss the enormous contribution that volunteers make at SXSW and how to apply that concept to your Small Business.

After a word from our awesome sponsors at Care/of and Abby Connect, we learn about the To-Did list.

Shannon is not a fan of structured to-do and time management systems like GTD and others. It just doesn’t work for him and it takes too much time to manage the information on these lists.

On the other hand, at the end of the day, it’s important to see how productive you were, or how much you didn’t get done. The concept of the To-Did list is simple: keep a loose list, or set reminders to keep you focused on important tasks. Then, as you move into other tasks or unexpected interruptions throughout the day, record those on your list. Write down (digital or old school pad of paper) what you achieved that day. Check in hourly and be sure you are on task.

Listen in for more details about the To-Did list concept and why it can be a powerful tool to help create success, create your own reality and ultimately help you to live the Charmed Life of a successful Small Business owner.



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