transition from worker to teacherHow easy was it for you to make the transition from doing the day-to-day work in your Small Business to teaching others to do it so you could focus on the business? Harald Sinow, co-founder of MacStation in Vancouver, realized that he needed to change his focus from being the best worker to being the best teacher if he wanted to grow his business.

Join us today on the Small Business Show to learn how Harald focused on this transition as well as cash flow and hiring to insure his business would succeed. We also discuss creating a “family” from your customers as well as your employees and how to “fire yourself” as quick as you can so your best people can do their best work.

We wrap up the show with a discussion of what happened after Harald sold his company, the impact of taking a year off to tour Europe to reconnect with his family and helping to launch young Small Business owners (Harald’s kids!).

This was an especially useful show, folks. If you are interested in creating, or continuing your own Charmed Life, listen in!

Chapters/Timestamps and Links:

00:00:00 Small Business Show #89 October 19th, 2016
00:01:18 Interview with Harald Sinow – Co-founder of MacStation in Vancouver
00:02:20 Used college classes as development study for MacStation
00:02:52 Timing matters!
00:04:33 Manage your cash flow
00:06:48 Transitioning to management – hire slowly and fire quickly
00:08:24 Have a hiring process that limits your ability to make mistakes
00:10:44 Word of mouth matters. Be diligent about tracking your customers
00:12:00 Manage your referrals.
00:13:00 Build a “family” from your customers – tracking their unique details
00:14:03No one can do it better than I can
00:15:00 Become a Good Teacher
00:16:26 Favorite mistake: “Not firing myself soon enough”
00:17:08 Build a great culture – have fun. Being able to let go – best measure of success.
00:19:48 Make sure your business is Built to Sell
00:22:08 Traveling and exploring helps to find what you’ll do at home
00:24:28 Sending your kids into the Dragons’ Den!
00:27:57 Find an accountability partner

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