There’s a procrastinator in all of us. When it comes to Small Business, putting things off can create problems, but it can also create opportunities. Join us today for episode 222 of the Small Business Show to hear how you can overcome this natural tendency and take advantage of the opportunities it creates.

Join your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean – two experts at procrastination and how to turn it into an advantage in your Small Business life as we take a deep dive into why we all put things off and how many of us miss the opportunities it can present.

First up, we discuss why we procrastinate:

  • Lack of instant gratification
  • Seems overwhelming
  • May cause a negative outcome
  • Unpleasant to deal with – firing an employee for example
  • Easily distracted: Squirrel!

Then we jump into ways to manage procrastination.

  • Mix things up – spend time on the stuff you don’t want to do, interspersed with things that get you excited, motivate you, etc.. – Plan your day around this concept. 
  • Don’t create the monster To-Do list – it can overwhelm you. Use the To-Did list concept to motivate you throughout the day and to recognize what you did accomplish.
  • Break down tasks into smaller chunks – easier to think about and accomplish – especially if it’s a negative.
  • Unplug – focus on the task at hand – put your phone down, go DND. Set a timer.
  • Don’t overcommit your time.
  • Think about when you are most productive? Early morning, late at night – use that power accordingly.
  • Use tools to help – software tools, sonic-boom alarm clock, timers.
  • Form habits – do something new for 30+ days and you’ll create a new habit.
  • Create a work environment – home office, closed door, work hours.

We wrap up the show with a discussion of how procrastination by others can create a business opportunity for you. Dave shares the story of starting Backbeat Media to handle tasks that other publishers had put off and Shannon discusses creating a business to handle inventory that large retailers neglect and let pile up.

How about you? Share your stories of overcoming procrastination and what methods work for you at the Small Business Support Group. Thanks for joining us again this week!



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