There’s so much to figure out with digital marketing on social channels like Facebook and Instagram. Techniques for finding success need to be continually measured and updated since what worked a few months ago may no longer have an impact. Finding a trusted source for help can be a challenge. Joining us today on The Small Business Show is the Founder and CEO of Divine Social. Traci Reuter has decades of sales and marketing experience and now focuses her expertise on helping companies create and focus their strategies for digital marketing success.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #303 for Wednesday, November  18, 2020
  • Creating Facebook, Insta, Pinterest campaigns with Traci Reuter from Divine Social
  • Entrepreneurship: Start out of necessity, continue for the freedom (or flexibility)
  • The allure of predictability
  • Evergreen advertising funnel – Three pillars
    • Building audience
    • Create engagement
    • Generate conversions
  • Bring your customers into your ecosystem first
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  • Warm Up your customer before you convert
  • “I have yet to see a business where video doesn’t work”
  • 80% of all video is watched with the volume off
  • When it’s screaming at you, trust your gut.
  • With Amazon (and others) “You don’t own the customer relationship”
  • Action: Create a video with a call to action, then let it run for a month
  • “Just because it fails doesn’t mean it didn’t work.”
  • If you’re spending more than $3k/month on social
  • Traci Reuter from Divine Social
  • Review SBS (please! 🙂


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