Cafe Rica USAEveryone knows that coffee is an important part of every Small Business startup, right? With 400 million cups enjoyed every-single-day in the United States, this seems like a great opportunity for a Small Business. But, how do you get your voice heard in this crowded market? How do you create a niche where you can build a unique brand focusing on quality coffee and customer experience?

Join us today for this episode of the Small Business Show to meet Tristan and Jackson Bredehoft, founders of Café Rica, a fast growing local and online coffee business located in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Tracing their family origins back to Costa Rica, the Bredehoft brothers decided to import a unique Costa Rican coffee to share it with customers in the U.S. Literally bringing back two suitcases stuffed with coffee to get things started. You’ll hear the Café Rica founders discuss the benefits and challenges of working with a sibling, how they decided to build a Local, Craft Coffee business and why they wound up building their local coffee shop inside of repurposed shipping containers.

Tristan and Jackson share how they benefited from taking part in a Kitchen Incubator program and how they have leaned on the Mentors from SCORE to shift their marketing focus to dramatically accelerate growth. Join your co-hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as they learn about the Cafe Rica story and then come share your own at the Small Business Support Group!


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