In this episode of Business Brain, we delve into various topics related to technology, marketing, and personal development. We start by discussing the availability of Apple Business Essentials through CDW, a tech company specializing in smart home setups. We also explore the use of URL shorteners and tracking URLs for marketing purposes. We acknowledge the potential security risks associated with URL shorteners in emails but suggest embedding the link within the text as a solution.

Next, we discuss an inspiring tweet by Blake Burge, who suggests creating an “avoid at all costs” list of the top 25 things to achieve in the next few years or in a lifetime. This idea is inspired by a conversation between Warren Buffett and his pilot. We reflect on the lesson we learned from Buffett, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing our top five tasks and developing a plan to accomplish them. Focusing on these top priorities and avoiding distractions can lead to greater success.

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