social media business on smartphoneWelcome to episode 92 of the Small Business Show! On today’s show, we spend some time getting updated on Shannon’s social media business experiment that he started back in June. The goal was to start a new business solely using social media and selling apps on an iPhone. No computer and no website.

So, how’s it going? Listen in for more detail, but a quick snapshot looks like this:

  • 28,0000+ followers gained since starting mid-June
  • Selling 3-10 designer handbags (the product chosen to experiment with) per day
  • Net is currently $150-500 per day with about 60-90 minutes of time spent each day on the business
  • Significant profit margin increase with new, “upstream” supplier relationships
  • At the point where the business is becoming scalable

We also discuss the current “political theatre” as it relates to Small Business, developing an org chart even if your name fills every role and managing supplier relationships.

Join us today for these topics and a few more as we work to help your grow your Small Business and expand your Charmed Life!



00:00:00 Small Business Show #92 November 9th, 2016
00:01:00 Political Theater as it relates to Small Business
00:01:56 Jacob: How is Shannon’s “Run it from your phone” business going?
00:04:08 Poshmark
00:04:38 Building a business with someone else’s leftovers
00:07:52 Develop an org chart even when it’s just you
00:10:27 The org chart is your roadmap
00:12:23 Capital and contacts
00:13:49 Follow the cardboard!
00:15:32 Shannon’s trick: “I’ll take everything you have, as is, and promise no returns.”
00:17:29 Find the right sales venues
00:21:12 Free boxes!
00:22:06 Delight your customers, then make them your followers
00:23:33 Shannon’s the Small Business Vampire!
00:24:35 Enjoy what you do

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