small business employee benefitsHow important are the benefits that you offer to your employees? Are they valued more than cash? And how do you keep your benefit expenses down while maximizing the impact to your employees? Join us on episode 146 of the Small Business Show for all this and more!

Benefits, beyond salaries and wages can have a dramatic impact on your employees and your bottom line. Dave and Shannon spend time today discussing how to best manage the increasing costs of health care and dealing with the impact of the Affordable Care Act. We also discuss outsourcing health care management before jumping into a discussion of benefits beyond health care.

Paid time off – whether in the form of vacation, sick or personal time can be a powerful benefit to offer to your employees. We discuss using flex time and the idea of unlimited vacation and how they both impact your business.

Shannon discusses the power of food as a benefit to your employees (and yourself!) – keeping your employees well fed can be a powerful performance incentive. We wrap up the show with a discussion of Checks vs. Cash vs. giving gifts to your employees – which has the biggest impact?

Listen in for all this and more! When you’re done with this episode, join us at the Small Business Support Group on Facebook to share your stories and thoughts on employee benefits.


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