Join your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean as they sit down with Puffco Founder and CEO, Roger Volodarsky. The episode is a master class in building a niche business to produce the best products and customer experience that is possible. Roger is a true champion of creating products that solve particular problems and building a business that reflects his self-expression.



  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #333 for Wednesday, June 23, 2021
  • Interview with Roger Volodarsky, CEO and Founder of Puffco
  • Pre-30yo Angst combined with a few Light cannabis arrests = Puffco
  • Started with Puffco Classic, January 2014 — Built for himself!
  • Then the Puffco Pro, October 2014
  • Try to impress yourself
  • Companies led by community members
  • All ideas are soldiers in the world of ideas
  • “Dabbing” = Vaporizing Concentrates
  • Attention and Intention
  • A thought about pre-filled THC Distillate vape cartridges
  • 19:31 SPONSOR: Custom Comet creates custom merchandise for your business. Air fresheners, coasters, coffee sleeves, stickers, and more. Let Custom Comet help your brand create a unique and memorable promotional product. Mention Small Business Show for 5% off!
  • 00:21:49 Favorite “no” product?
  • Cleaning clip, herbal vaporizer
  • Releasing a product I didn’t want to release, but it led to the Puffco Plus
  • “Let’s give the people what they want… it’s not something I would ever use.”
  • Puffco Glass Open
  • Mothership Glass
  • CEO’s Job: Vision, Money, People
  • For people: Looking at the world through the same lens; same value system.
  • “Do I inspire you? Do you inspire me?”
  • Curious and Passionate


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