Are you maxing out rewards programs for hotels, airlines and credit card companies for your Small Business? You should be and today on the Small Business Show we share a few examples of why you’re missing out on some big benefits if you ignore these programs.

Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton for another episode of tips, advice, and strategies to help your Small Business. After our discussion of rewards programs, we share a concept of using an independent third party to vet potential business partners. This novel concept could save you headaches down the road.

We then jump into the topic of creating a sexual harassment policy to protect your employees as well as your business. Listen in to learn about what constitutes sexual harassment, how to implement an anti-harassment policy that includes a clear communication path to report problems and to enforce violations.

These topics and much more today on episode 231 of the Small Business Show. Enjoy the show, then visit the Small Business Support Group to continue the discussion, ask questions and share your own experiences.


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