small business positive thinking successYou’ve heard us talk about the flexibility vs. freedom of being a Small Business owner many times on the Small Business Show. But what if you actually did have the freedom? Freedom as in “I just sold my business, and now what?” kind of freedom? Our guest last week, Harald Sinow talked about taking a year off (that’s t-w-e-l-v-e full months, folks) to reconnect with his family and take them on an unscripted tour of Europe. Dave and Shannon take that concept and run with it on this episode of the Small Business Show – talking about prioritizing family, decompressing from work stress and working hard to hang onto the things you love.

The guys then jump into a discussion about minimizing your weaknesses by hiring someone to manage YOU and the importance of keeping a positive attitude during the normal ups-and-downs of owning a Small Business. Shannon coins a new term as a “Small Business Vampire” due to the fact that starting and running companies provides him with so much energy and a final comment about always being sure to understand that “Your best years are ahead of you!” is a powerful concept that can lead you to that Charmed Life that you so richly deserve.

Join us for these topics and more on episode 90 of the Small Business Show!


Chapters/Timestamps and Links:

00:00:00 Small Business Show #90 October 26th, 2016
00:00:57 Harald Sinow on SBS 89
00:01:18 Harald had the wisdom to take a victory lap of sorts
00:03:40 Not really a victory lap – more of a debriefing, a reconnection with kids, decompressing
00:04:55 Prioritizing your family
00:09:20 Teaching as a success metric
00:12:37 Hanging on to the things you love
00:14:30 Hiring your own manager
00:17:24 “Like a Small Business Vampire”
00:22:55 The best years of your life are ahead of you!
00:25:17 SBS 90

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