Join us today on the Small Business Show to learn how to manage a one-way contract situation. Dave Hamilton shares his experience when negotiating a vague contract and why you might not want to help make the contract better. Listen in as Dave uses Pacing and Leading persuasion techniques to learn more about the person he is signing the contract with and why sometimes the smallest actions can help to cement a relationship.

We then jump into one of Shannon Jean’s favorite topics: using stories to connect with your customers. We all know the power of story. Stories connect with us on a deep level, creating a long-lasting impact that influences our behavior and our views. Are you the protagonist in your Small Business Story? 

By promoting the story of your Small Business, you are moving beyond a transactional relationship and into an emotional one. Whether it’s sharing your reasons for creating your business, talking about the obstacles you have overcome or focusing on the problem you wanted to solve, the story of Why and How can elevate you beyond your competitors and forge deep bonds with your customers.

We wrap up the show by announcing a new monthly contest to feature a listener’s Small Business on the show. Just leave us a review and then send us your contact info to be entered!

All this and much more on episode 246 of the Small Business Show. Listen in and then join us at the Small Business Support Group to ask your questions and comment.

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