rd appliance interview with David OliviaIf you had the choice, would you continue the traditions of a multi-generational business that provided decades of support for those that came before you? Or would you turn things upside down and commit to growing the business and challenging yourself (and your company) to embrace new technology, new customers and a new workforce?

If you are a Small Business Show listener, we think we know what your answer is.

Join us today as we spend some time with David Oliva of RD Appliance Service as he describes the journey from a self-employed entity founded over 50 years ago to a fast growing company that embraces change and challenges traditional methods to become the very best they can be.

During our interview, we covered a ton of great Small Business topics such as working with your spouse, expansion with new employees, raising your prices and finding a new high-end service niche and much more.

Listen in to episode 104 of the Small Business Show, then jump over to the SBS Support Group on Facebook to share your comments!


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #104 February 1, 2017
  • 00:01:28 Interview: David Oliva from RD Appliance Service
  • 00:02:47 The multi-generational transition
  • 00:03:42 Changing the vision
  • 00:04:38 Working with your spouse
  • 00:05:54 Expansion via hiring and partnerships
  • 00:07:08 The challenge of employees – keeping your “edge” and challenging yourself
  • 00:09:24 It’s time to raise prices … a lot!
    • Being a great Tech does not make you a great business owner.
  • 00:11:58 Making changes with your parent as a partner
  • 00:13:22 Going upscale! Finding your niche –
  • 00:21:02 Best mistake: Worker’s Comp is a variable cost!
  • 00:23:14 Stock parts: arrive prepared for each client
  • 00:24:08 Service providers: watch out for aftermarket warranties
  • 00:25:51 Scheduling time to work on your business
  • 00:26:35 Being the best is the best success
  • 00:28:04 Learn from other Small Business Owners
  • 00:28:31 Don’t underestimate the value of your skills
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