Should your Small Business make loans to employees that are in a bind and if so, what policies and procedures do you need to put in place to protect yourself? And creating your own reality is great, but what about the reality of not being able to pay your bills? Join us today for a special listener questions edition of the Small Business Show!

Most Small Business owners have found themselves in the position of being asked for a loan or payroll advance from an employee. When this comes up, should you make the loan? If you do, how do you protect your business and yourself and create standards to follow for future payroll advances? We discuss this terrific question from listener Grace T. and come up with ideas to support your employees when they need your help while protecting your own interests at the same time.

We then tackle a question about how to create your own reality when your Small Business runs out of cash. Terry P. likes our focus on creating your own story, but when his Small Business can’t pay the bills, he needs some real-world help with finding alternative funding sources.

Listen in to episode 240 of the Small Business Show as your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton answer these questions and more!

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