We talk about decision making frequently on The Small Business Show. One of our oft-repeated bits of advice that came from a previous guest was to never make fear-based decisions for your business. Today on the show we have a guest that is all about making Data-Driven Decisions and how using and visualizing your company data can dramatically impact your success. Jack Tompkins is Managing Partner and Founder of Pineapple Consulting and we are super interested in hearing how they use Small Businesses existing data to help them succeed.

  • Jack Tompkins, Managing Partner and Founder of Pineapple Consulting
  • Brian Friss on Small Business Show: “Don’t Make Fear-Based Decisions”
  • “There’s never a wrong risk, there’s only a wrong price”
  • Demystifying Data for the Average Small Business Owner
  • Excel and Tableau
  • Gut Instinct vs. Data Science
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  • Mistakes and Actions time
  • A data company makes a data mistake = “I made a formula mistake”
  • Try to break what you’re making
  • Small Businessing Action: Have a process to digest your numbers
  • Engage with your Data
  • Find Jack Tompkins at Pineapple Consulting
  • SBS 307 Outtro
  • Review The Small Business Show


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