When the time comes to let an employee go, what are some best practices to keep your Small Business running smoothly during the transition? Should you worry about how it will impact other employees? Are there rules about how you go about firing someone in your state? Should you apologize to the person you are laying off? Join us on this episode of the Small Business Show for answers to these questions and much more!

Your co-hosts have been to the party, they’ve seen this movie before and it’s not their first Rodeo. Having experiences with firing and laying off employees during their 25+ years in business has made it clear to both Shannon and Dave that how you handle these “Exit” situations can have a profound impact (both positive and negative) on your Small Business.

We start the show with Shannon’s belief that in most situations, it’s ultimately the fault of management (that includes YOU, small business owner) when you have to fire someone – listen in to find out why and then let us know if you agree with this concept. Then, we dive right into what type of message your actions send to the rest of your employees, how thinking of yourself as a Steward to your employees can help you to frame things correctly and how to handle layoffs that will impact your cashflow.

Even the eternal optimists at the Small Business Show want to warn you about being overly optimistic during these situations and how it can ruin your layoff strategy, along with tips on keeping communication flowing during this type of transition and how to embrace the “art of firing”.

Join us today – we have a lot to talk about. Then, come share your experiences on the Small Business Support Group!


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