In this episode of Business Brain, Dave and Shannon discuss their recent experiences with snowfall, leisure activities, and the value of persistence. They delve into a story about the Hoover Dam and how it relates to the importance of persistence in achieving success over time. Reflecting on their journey of hosting the show for ten years, they emphasize the significance of persistence and consistency in building a successful business.

Shannon shares his recent focus on the X platform and his involvement in a mastermind group called Growth Madness. He elaborates on how networking, engaging with others, and building credibility on X have led to valuable connections and opportunities. The conversation shifts to the long-term benefits of networking and collaboration, emphasizing the power of reciprocity and creating value for others.

The hosts explore the strategy of building a strong network on X to attract valuable connections and opportunities in the future. Shannon shares insights from his experience, highlighting the importance of mindset, perception, and peer collaboration in personal and professional growth. They discuss the long-term benefits of networking, playing the long game, and the value of community and support in business endeavors.

Shannon concludes by inviting listeners to learn more about Growth Madness and his journey on the X platform. They reflect on the journey of growth and the importance of not going it alone in business, emphasizing the value of groups and collaborative efforts. The episode wraps up with a reference to their sponsor, Shopify, and encourages listeners to sign up for a trial period to enhance their business ventures.

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