don't get complacent with your small businessHas your Small Business lost it’s edge? Has your past success enabled people to slow down the pace of work? How do you beat back complacency and invigorate your team to take on new challenges and grow your Small Business? Maybe hiring a consultant will do the trick – someone to evaluate your team from the outside and offer an unbiased opinion and tips to shake things up.

Should you encourage your employees to go out and “side-hustle” to make some extra cash and learn a new skill? We like this idea, but you need to be aware of the pros and cons of promoting outside work in your Small Business.

Listen in to episode 93 of the Small Business Show as Dave and Shannon discuss these topics and more!


00:00:00 Small Business Show #93 November 16th, 2016
00:00:51 Living by your favorite catch-phrases
00:03:10 Never stop stopping…and thinking about your business.
00:03:41 Identifying that your personality is not right for every role in your company
00:05:00 Keeping your edge – getting an outside opinion
00:07:22 Dave Hires a Consultant
00:11:17 Complacency is the enemy .. and the cousin of success
00:13:59 It comes back to change
00:16:04 Side Hustles
00:18:57 Mentoring your employees as entrepreneurs
00:21:12 Invest in the future
00:23:18 Leave us a review!

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