business teamwork keeping your employees happyWelcome to episode 84 of the Small Business Show! Join us this week as we spend some time following up with our recent interview with Small Business owner, blogger and author, Paul Downs.

Dave and Shannon then jump into a discussion about being “patently unemployable” and how identifying yourself as such can give a boost to the successful launch of your Small Business.

Other topics covered on the show today include the tremendous benefit of creating a safe environment for your employees to take risks and experiment.

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00:00:00 Small Business Show #84 September 14th, 2016
00:03:14 Paul Downs Recap
00:08:03 Patently unemployable people can be helpful
00:10:08 Creating a safe environment for your employees
00:16:07 “All I had to do was write the book”
00:17:33 Don’t be so suspect about good people with opportunities

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