It’s Casual Friday on Business Brain! Listen in as we discuss the Barefoot Investor series of books for adults and kids to learn about finance and money. Then it’s on to a discussion about attracting luck in your business and personal life. It’s a great way to spend a few minutes on Friday – join us!

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In this episode of Business Brain, we delve into the importance of teaching kids about money and entrepreneurship. We receive a book recommendation called “Barefoot Kids” by Scott Pape, which showcases inspiring stories of Australian children who have started their own businesses and managed their finances. We wholeheartedly agree that this book is a valuable tool for teaching kids about money in an engaging and visual manner. The book covers topics like saving, running a mini business, and the significance of kindness. Reflecting on our own experiences, we express the wish that we had such a resource when our own children were younger. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of instilling a positive mindset in children and reminding them that the future holds promising opportunities. Throughout the episode, we share personal anecdotes about how our own kids are navigating their early twenties. Ultimately, we strongly believe that educating kids about money and entrepreneurship can empower them for a successful future.

Shifting gears, we discuss the power of adopting a positive mindset in various aspects of life. Inspired by a phrase heard on a TV show, “things always work out for me,” we acknowledge that while it may not magically alter the universe, it can certainly affect our perspective and approach to different situations. Notably, we highlight a friend who consistently proclaims that things will work out for her, and more often than not, they do. Intrigued by this mindset, we have started incorporating it into our own lives. This mindset aligns with the “we’ll figure it out” mantra commonly associated with entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of taking action and believing in the eventual success of our efforts. We observe that even our daughter has embraced this mindset, confidently expecting positive outcomes in challenging situations. It encourages proactive behavior and diminishes the fear of failure.

Transitioning to a discussion about our recent challenge in the merch business, we reflect on the importance of having a reliable e-commerce platform. Facing a problem, instead of panicking, we turned to Shopify, a commerce platform renowned for providing control over sales channels and ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. With Shopify’s assistance, we successfully tackled our business hurdle. Taking a moment to acknowledge our sponsor, PearlDiver, we highlight the value this tool brings to businesses by converting anonymous website traffic into high-quality leads. Through PearlDiver, businesses gain insight into the identities, emails, and company details of their website visitors, facilitating effective engagement with potential customers.

Responding to an email from a listener named David Dawson, we address the topic of consistency in our podcast’s introduction. Acknowledging the struggle to explain the meaning behind the podcast name, we share an idea suggested by the listener – creating a script based on a brief description of the podcast. This script would serve as a consistent and engaging introduction, similar to the approach of “Business Made Simple,” another podcast. Recognizing the importance of a consistent introduction for branding purposes, we explore different descriptions in recent episodes to gauge listener resonance. While leveraging Chat GPT to develop ideas, we face difficulty finding a concise description that captures the essence of the show in our own voice. Nonetheless, we express our affection for the name “Business Brain” but clarify that it does not imply we are the sole experts of business. To better define our target audience, we propose amalgamating notes from ideal listeners. Our ideal listener is someone hesitant about venturing into entrepreneurship, currently working a nine-to-five job, and not solely motivated by stories of grand success and wealth. Ultimately, our aim is to grant permission to these listeners to experiment and discover if entrepreneurship suits them. We acknowledge the challenge of encapsulating this concept in a few words.

Sharing a personal anecdote about having lunch with a friend, we discuss the evolution of our lives since the pandemic. It prompts a realization that we have successfully created flexibility in our lives, not just for pursuing our passion, but also for cherishing moments with our family. Balancing our love for playing the drums and spending quality time with our loved ones, we embrace the opportune choices granted by flexibility. It dawns on us that our motivation for pursuing our passions was never solely about making money. We express a desire for feedback from listeners who may have divergent experiences or established expertise in different fields. For those interested, please reach out to us via email at [email protected]. Additionally, we invite our audience to participate in our upgraded newsletter by answering a question found at the bottom. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and encourage you to explore our sponsors, and As we sign off, we urge you to keep embracing the joys of life and remind you that we will be back next week with more engaging content.

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