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Being focused on accountability is a powerful way to steer yourself and your Small Business towards success. When you are holding yourself accountable, you are in charge of the actions you can take, however small they may be, to adjust, iterate and correct problems that may be holding you back.

Part one of our two-part series on accountability focuses on your own personal accountability and the concept of training yourself to believe that you are at least 85% responsible for your success with just 15% depending on random events. The premise of this idea comes to us from The 85% Solution by Linda Galindo.

With this 85/15 concept, your chances of being successful are much higher. People that blame their problems, mistakes, and failures on forces beyond their control are doomed to mediocrity.

Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton for this episode to learn how to train your brain to embrace accountability with techniques related to responsibility, empowerment and more. We then dive into tips for how to react and adjust to your mistakes to create a powerful system for writing your own story of success.

Listen in, then share your own tips and get your questions answered at the Small Business Support Group!


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