Being comfortable and confident speaking in front of people is an important part of Small Business success. Many of us find the idea of speaking in front of people to be uncomfortable at the least and sometimes downright terrifying. So, how do we get over these fears and add public speaking to our talent stack? Today on The Small Business Show we are connecting with Victoria Lioznyansky, Founder of Brilliant Speakers Academy to learn how to not only overcome fears of public speaking but to how to enjoy it and thrive in situations that require it.

  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #291 for Wednesday, August 26, 2020
  • 00:20:24 Public Speaking is Everything
      • Approaching Fear from the Mindset Perspective
      • All The World’s a Stage!
  • Mistake: Bringing a partner into an existing business with just a handshake
  • Dealing with a “Hijacker”
    • 1. “We’ll deal with it later”
    • 2. Put Blinders On
  • Next time you’re “walking on stage”: focus on being a giver to your audience.
  • Find Victoria Lioznyansky at Brilliant Speakers Academy
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