forcivity_logoJoin us today on the Small Business Show to listen in on our conversation with Steve Baines, Co-Founder of Forcivity, a software development firm focused on simplifying how you access your data in cloud based applications like SalesForce. Steve’s years of experience working with data as both a consultant and previous business owner led him to launch Forcivity with a group of like minded folks that have a mission to free your data from apps and present it to you in a much more useable format.

Steve shares his experience moving from consultant to business owner and how becoming your own customer can lead to a new business venture. We also spend time discussing motivating yourself to power through tough times, how to pick a (good) partner, how to pick the right employees and one of our favorite topics: creating your own reality to nudge you along towards success.

Listen in and learn about Steve’s journey and more on episode 95 of the Small Business Show! Questions, comments or need help? Visit the Small Business Show Support Group on Facebook.


00:00:00 Small Business Show #95 November 30th, 2016
00:01:11 Steve Baines, co-Founder of Forcivity
00:01:26 Incubation turns founders into co-founders
00:02:37 Managing the Flow of Salesforce Data
00:04:38 Scratching your own itch to start a business
00:05:24 Consulting business becomes 8 years of market research for new company and new solutions
00:07:39 Hone your Focus. Develop a system to build a successful product – adjust, repeat
00:09:32 Turn down a job offer, become a consultant
00:11:57 Consulting often lacks leverage: find an exit!
00:12:28 Identify your passion and don’t forget it
00:13:24 Second-time entrepreneurs are crazy
00:16:00 Create your own reality
00:17:18 Not every day is a good day
00:18:13 Find like-minded co-founders
00:20:31 …and employees!
00:21:27 Can’t do it alone!
00:21:53 Quickly identify the fish out of water
00:24:52 Choose wisely… when choosing partners
00:27:39 SBS 95 Outtro

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