Simple marketing messages resonate with your potential customers. They allow you to connect with a customer and promote your brand. But the power of simplicity goes way beyond just marketing.

Today on the Small Business Show, your hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean, discuss three areas that benefit dramatically from simplicity: Getting Started, Customer Choice, and Internal Policies and Procedures.

We start with tips on keeping your focus when starting your Small Business or creating a new product or service. We explain why it’s easy to get stuck in this phase and how to avoid the Perfection Trap to create a minimally viable product.

Then it’s on to simplifying choices for your customers. Forcing your customers to make to many decisions can cause them to shut down and take their business elsewhere. We wrap up the episode with why we believe it’s essential to bring simplicity to your internal policies and procedures, as well as your terms and conditions.

Join us today for episode 247 of the Small Business Show and then visit the Small Business Support Group to comment, ask questions, and more!

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