In this episode of the Business Brain podcast, Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean reflect on their experiences during the Thanksgiving holiday. Dave shared that he could disconnect from work and enjoy a break while Shannon visited a new property. They are preparing for guests and found physical activities helpful in disconnecting. The hosts encourage their listeners to share their own holiday experiences.

Moving on to business dealings, Dave discusses potential buyers for his other business and mentions one who had unrealistic expectations about the time commitment required. This leads to a discussion about the importance of answering questions about why the business is being sold and its future growth plans.

Dave delves into the questions that potential buyers often ask, focusing on why the seller doesn’t implement certain strategies themselves to increase the value of the business. Drawing parallels to selling a house, the speaker emphasizes the need to answer these questions before deciding to sell. Shannon stresses considering the motivation and energy required to take the business to the next level and highlights the value of having partners for grounding and risk diversification. Shannon advises running the business as if it were to be sold tomorrow, addressing any issues, and ensuring it is in good shape.

Join us as we take a deep dive into a different view of running your business.

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