Podcasting as a small businessWhen is it time to turn a labor of love into a real Small Business? And what pitfalls do you have to watch out for during the process? Dave and Shannon try to answer those questions and more on episode 143 of the Small Business Show!

Join us today as we discuss why we do the Small Business Show and the numbers behind our downloads and subscribers. Information that any potential sponsor of the show would want to know. We also discuss ad rates and how to go about avoiding future conflicts over advertising rates when your show is still small, but growing fast.

We then chat about how working with sponsors has us thinking of ways to invest that revenue to make SBS better for everyone. Should we invest in a new website, new advertising to grow our subscriber base or something else? Here’s your chance to give us your two-cents and offer us some advice.

Listen in for a behind-the-scenes look at the Small Business Show and the business of Podcasting. Then, join us in the Small Business Support Group to share your thoughts on just where to invest our earnings.


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Jg. for FatScribe · November 3, 2017 at 00:23

Good show, guys. (as always)

Re: (re)investing funds into the Podcast … Hmmmm. Lots to ponder here.

It’s always about the marketplace, viz., the competition and the consumer response to your product … but dang, she is strong and abundant for business podcast/chat shows, the competition that is, and it’s tough to get (and keep) the attention of the Joe/Jane business podcast consumer.

Having said that, the points you both raised in this episode were good when considering the answer to your query. The main one that stood out to me was that you both enjoy the company of each other and the regular listeners (small business owners), as well as the consistent routine of the show (and the guests that appear as well). So, who cares about the size of the audience! Heck, the owners of the nicest house on the street always feels pride even if their tract of homes is a small one in the middle of flyover land!

I’d certainly determine the merit of (re)designing the website against the Top10 competitors to your show. I.e., what is their design? Are they on an out-of-the-box platform? What is the utility of their website (*can the consumer listen therin? link directly to iTunes or other show platform? shopify — for show related products? books on Amazon to buy, etc.)

I’d also look at the ability to capture transcripts for each interview and put them (the shows) all on YouTube (with said transcripts attached). I’d for sure put those transcripts in a searchable format for the website (redesigned or not!) to add more potential for Bing / Google / et. al. to find / crawl your site to push your hit / search rates.

For sure I’d find some inexpensive social marketing partners to push your show a bit more proactively (especially on GREAT shows that you feel real strongly about, with great topics/guests), and hype.

Finally, I’d definitely create some E-Books for your listeners. Get some Fivver cats to crank up your design on the E-Book and just have a fucking blast doing this stuff.

What always comes through you both is a love for the listener partners you have who can always find a nugget (or several) on each podcast. It’s free and it’s good shiznit, and the passion is obvious, so that’s pure alchemy and catnip for folks looking for like-minded entrepreneurs in this crazy world.

Great job, guys. Self-examination like you did on this episode is always iterative and a way for that viral growth.

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