small business persistence to successBeing persistent is a critical part of making your Small Business succeed. From the very start, you will face obstacles that you’ll have to break through and go around to create something from nothing. Some of these will be mental, some physical and some logistical. Join us today for episode 186 of the Small Business Show to hear how your co-hosts Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean have used their bull-headed persistence to overcome those obstacles during their careers.

We discuss the importance of confidence and believing in yourself with tips on how to use your Success List to remind yourself of your achievements to build up your confidence, as well as learning how to maximize your strengths and minimize weaknesses with strategic partners or employees. Shannon then reminds us that patience needs to be a part of your plan – as long as you are moving along the path you set for yourself and your Small Business. Success takes time.

You’ll hear about how immersing yourself in your Small Business is an important part of pushing through obstacles and achieving success and how creating habits out of things that work for your business will keep you moving forward on your quest. And while it’s important to have a clear vision of where you want your Small Business to go, we spend some time talking about adjusting and adapting when things don’t go exactly as planned (hint: they never do).

We wrap up our discussion with a reminder that commitment to your Small Business success is critical – everything has a cost, get ready to pay it in time and effort to create a successful business that can help you lead that Charmed Life we talk about often on the show.

Listin in and then share your story and comments on the Small Business Support Group!


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