One of the most trustedworking with your spouse people in your life can be a huge help with your Small Business success – your spouse! But, there’s some important details to work out to insure success when working together.

In this episode of the Small Business Show, Dave and Shannon share their experiences working with their spouses and their tips for maximizing the benefits while minimizing potential problems that may come up. A critical first step: manage expecations, roles and clearly lay out who will be responsible for which tasks in your business.

We also discuss deciding who’s the “boss”, how to promote good communication, using humor to remove tension and keeping the right perspective during the workday.

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00:00:00 Small Business Show #94 November 23rd, 2016
00:01:30 Working with your spouse!
00:02:11 Hiring your spouse
00:04:23 Firing your spouse!
00:05:22 Managing expectations – roles, responsibilities, each other
00:08:01 Keep your marriage out of the office and your office out of your marriage.
00:11:10 Who’s the Boss?
00:13:06 Communication is Key
00:15:00 Humor can go a long way to dissolve tensions
00:16:12 Perspective
00:18:00 Make the right hiring decision, regardless of who it is.
00:20:09 Employees with benefits!
00:21:05 Your spouse can double your charmed life

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