In your Small Business, do you value being told when you are wrong? Would you like to have a Revenue Stack that generates cash from multiple sources? Do you know what the Scotty Principle is? Join us on Episode 113 of the Small Business Show for these topics and more!

We all love it when we’re right. But as you know, Dave and Shannon love hearing about mistakes, the “wrongs” that teach us all so much. Are your employees or colleagues comfortable telling you when you’re wrong? Do you encourage it? Dave spends some time on the show explaining a new policy he’s enacted to be sure this happens in his Small Business.

During the past year, we’ve discussed Scott Adams’ book and his Talent Stack concept. Shannon takes the stack concept and applies it to Revenue, discussing concepts to insure you’re not relying on just one source of cash to fuel your Charmed Life. We’ve invited some excellent guests to join us on the Small Business Show in the near future to discuss how they have developed their own Revenue Stacks – stay with us, it’s going to be awesome.

Finally, when you have a Revenue Stack, you’re often faced with hiring outside service providers and contractors to help support those businesses. The guys discuss the Scotty Principle and frustrations with Small Business owners that don’t get the concept of under-promising and over-delivering.

Join us today on the Small Business Show, then head over to our Small Business Support Group to discuss the show and ask questions!


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #113 April 5, 2017
  • 00:01:00 Surrounding yourself with people who will tell you when you are “wrong”
    • No “yes men”
    • Requesting “You’re Wrong…”
  • 00:05:48 Scott Adams’ Talent Stack
  • 00:07:23 Key to Success: The Revenue Stack
  • 00:08:35 Digging into the Serial vs. Parallel Entrepreneur Concepts
  • 00:14:16 Revenue Stacks require the use of service providers/contractors – Can be frustrating
  • 00:16:50 You’re gonna get paid: show up to do the work!
  • 00:19:17 The Scotty Principle! – Underpromise and overdeliver if you can
    • Managing your customers’ expectations.
  • 00:22:28 Contact us at the Small Business Support Group
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