create a habit stack for successDeveloping positive habits and minimizing negative habits is important for you AND for your employees. By breaking down our larger goals into small tasks and habits, we can shift the focus away from willpower and motivation to small steps, habits that lead us down the path to our ultimate goal of world domination.

“Habits​ ​are​ ​the​ ​underlying​ ​driving​ ​force​ ​of​ ​either​ ​success​ ​or​ ​failure—and​ ​greatness or​ ​mediocrity.”

On this episode of the Small Business Show your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton use the “Stack” metaphor to see how we can create positive habits, while burying negative ones. And remember, you can use these tactics to help yourself, as well as your employees or contractors. Habits impact your entire organization – think about how customer service issues are resolved at your company. Surely there are good and bad habits involved in that process?

We delve into why we fall into habits, why rewards are the key to changing bad habits and promoting positive habits to the top of your stack. Make a habit of listening each week for all this and more! Then, join us on the Small Business Support Group to share your stories and ask questions.

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