Embracing Change and Balancing Risk with Mike DeGoey – DBA Small Business Show 22

Mike DeGoey originally bought Mendocino Glove through business broker, BizBen.com. Since then, though, he’s really made the business his own, and now is going through a rebranding process to call it Workman Glove and Safety, better reflecting what his business does now. We learned some great things from Mike, including […]

Image for episode 560 of the Business Brain podcast

Alex Forbes Lane 17 Cabinet Co – Part 2 – Business Brain 560

Dave Hamilton, Shannon Jean, and Alex Forbes from Lane 17 Cabinets discuss building systems and output thinking in business. Alex shares his journey transitioning from furniture making to focusing on cabinets, emphasizing lean manufacturing principles, delegation, and hiring for continuous improvement. They mention “Output Thinking” by John Seifer, the challenges […]

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