Continuing with our series on subscription-based businesses, we’ve been fortunate to meet some very smart folks that have started or transitioned to a subscription model for their product or service. This week, we get to learn from a founder that created a business to help others succeed in the software and subscription market.

Paddle was Co-Founded in 2012 by Christian Owens and we’re thrilled to have him with us today to learn about Paddle and his own journey as a Founder.

Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton as they learn how Christian started his first company at 14 where he learned about connecting with others in the business community for help and how to leverage his youth to get support.

Listen in to hear how Christian and his Co-Founder Harrison Rose created Paddle to solve the back-end headaches that subscription services can cause. Everything from licensing and bug reports to payment management can be handled by Paddle.

There’s some great tips and advice that you don’t want to miss on this episode of the Small Business Show. Enjoy the show, then click over to the Small Business Support Group to continue the discussion!



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