Today on the show, we’re fortunate to have David Dawson with us, owner of The Instant Print Shoppe. David is going to talk all about printing as well as his journey as a small business owner.

Regular listeners of the Small Business Show will know that we are passionate about the customer experience when they receive your product. We recently did a show all about packaging and how big of an impact it has on your customer’s view of your business, product, and service. There are so many opportunities to impress your customers with what you include in the box: fliers, stickers and promotional material along with what is printed on the box.

The design and creation of printed goods, from business cards, those stickers and fliers to the critically important thank you cards. These things matter and help to create the framework for how your business is viewed by your existing and potential customers.

Join your hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton today as they learn about listener David Dawson’s journey as a multi-generational Small Business owner at the Instant Print Shoppe. Then, visit the Small Business Support Group to comment and share your own story.

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