Business Brain 7-day Productivity Course

We all want to achieve more with less.

Your Business Brain hosts, Dave Hamilton and Shannon Jean have used productivity hacks to maximize their output over 25 years of building businesses.

Our Productivity Power Up course takes you through our favorite techniques that have helped us start over 20 successful businesses with lean teams focused on productivity.

Remember, the world rewards output, not input. Nobody cares how many hours you put in. Increase your productivity and increase the quantity and quality of your output.

All Business Brain courses include our famous Love it or it’s Free Guarantee. If you don’t get the value out of the course you think you should just let us know.

Get started with the Business Brain 7-Day Productivity Power-Up Email Course! 🚀 Each day, for one transformative week, you’ll unlock the secrets to maximizing efficiency, honing focus, and dancing deftly through daily tasks. It could be the best $95 you spend this year. Let’s go!

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Bonus 9-day Productivity Course


We added two bonus lessons to the seven-day course for a 9-day productivity makeover. This $145 course gives a deeper dive into two of the crucial productivity hacks that Dave and Shannon have used to build their businesses. Unlock nine days of productivity tools that will help you on your path to living that Charmed Life we talk about so often on Business Brain. Sign up now!


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Masterclass Productivity Course

Ready to go all in to maximize your productivity? Start the 9-day bonus course and schedule a 45-minute consultation with Business Brain hosts Shannon Jean and Dave Hamilton. Your consultation can include additional productivity help or other personalized business tips to help you succeed. The $495 Masterclass Course is the ultimate productivity jumpstart.

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