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small business success list

What is a Success List and why do you need one?

As a Small Business Owner, how often are you getting a pat on the back? Not often enough.

Do your employees tell you when you do a great job? We didn’t think so.

At the Small Business Show, we are firm believers that to create your Charmed Life and to be successful (however YOU define that term), you need to create your own reality. Your inner voice – your inner judge – needs to be reminding you all the time about just what a bad-ass you actually are.

We know that things move quickly during your day. You may not have time to stop to reflect on your success very often – this is why you need a list. A Success List.

You may write your Success List down on a piece of paper, you may want to keep it on your phone or maybe it’s just in your head since you are so darn efficient. Whatever works for you personally, just as long as you have someplace to keep track of your successes.

Here’s a sample list:


  • Launched new social media presence on Facebook – gaining 50 users per week
  • Spent an extra 30 minutes per day with my awesome (wife, kid, husband, mom, dad)
  • Lost 5 lbs
  • Gained 5 lbs
  • Read Scott Adams’ new book
  • Added 2 new salespeople
  • Went skydiving (really?!?)
  • Planted my garden
  • Spoke at a convention
  • Created a new e-book for my company
  • Joined local Chamber of commerce
  • Attended Trade Show

You get the idea – it’s up to you. Put whatever on the list that will give you energy when you repeat it to yourself. Big successes, small triumphs – you decide what you want on the list.

We encourage you to read it out loud – in the car, on a walk, whatever. But you need to hear these words…often. And it’s OK to just read them to yourself, probably better that way.

Remember, no one is going to remind you of this stuff and telling anyone else about more than one or two items on the list may come across as bragging. But, if there’s anyone you need to brag to, it’s you!

Start your list now. The first thing you can add to it is that you read this article and created your list. This is the first step to creating your reality, to creating your own Charmed Life!

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